Dress Code

Types of Tops/Shirts:

  • Solid Colored Polo-Styled or Collared Shirt
  • Solid Colored Oxford Button-Down Shirt
  • Sweaters, light-weight jackets, and sweatshirts must be one of the approved solid shirt colors.
  • On days that are 50 degrees or colder, students are permitted to wear heavier coats of any color.
  • Sweaters, light-weight jackets and sweatshirts must still be one of the approved solid shirt colors.
  • Shirt Colors: Any solid color, no heathered or patterned shirts

Type of Bottoms – all of the following are allowed in accordance with District Code for Length:

  • Pants/Slacks, Capri Pants, Skirts, Shorts
  • Solid Blue or Solid Black Denim, including stretch denim styled skinny jeans, may be worn ONLY on Fridays.
  • No leggings/jeggings (leggings that imitate the look of denim) permitted.
  • No athletic wear such as sweatpants or basketball/other sport shorts.
  • All bottoms must be secured around the waist.
  • Bottom Colors: Solid Navy, Solid Tan, Solid Brown, Solid Black, Solid White

Holes, rips, and frays in clothing are not allowed.


Logos/brand names on pants and shirts may only be two inches or less in diameter.

First offense:

Verbal warning and parent/guardian is called.