About Our School

Welcome to Storm Grove Middle School

A STEAM School Focused on the Environment and Arts

Who We Are

Storm Grove Middle school is a STEAM school, focused on the Environment and the Arts. While STEAM is Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math we wanted to focus on the whole student, so we created a play on words with STEAM including Social Skills, Teamwork, Environment, Accountable and Mindful. We are taking a project-based approach where students will work collaboratively on a project based on the environment. Students will incorporate whichever art they find their strength, whether band, orchestra, drama, chorus, speech, marketing or traditional art students will be able to express themselves in their work. We are preparing students for high school but beyond that to be able to work collaboratively, to be mindful, environmental, global citizens.

What We Offer

  • Band
  • Orchestra
  • Drama
  • Chorus
  • High School Spanish
  • Marketing Essentials
  • Algebra and Geometry
  • Multi-cultural Club
  • Peer Mentoring
  • Student Council
  • Yearbook
  • Lagoon Guardians
  • Drama Club

Points of Pride

  • PBIS Gold Model School
  • Kindness Challenge Award
  • Band Superior Recognition
  • Chorus Superior Recognition
  • Drama Troupe Superior Recognition
  • High School Credited Course Offerings


If you are interested in joining our school family, please visit SDIRC Student Enrollment for details about enrollment and school choice.